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The leaves symbolize the growth, the fertility and renewal

The caduceus was the symbol of peace and prosperity, associated with the greek god Hermes (now Mercury to the Romans). Confused with the staff of Aesculapius (with a snake only) which is the symbol of medicine stick.

The caduceus was the sacred stick or scepter of greek god Hermes, who was performing as a symbol for settling disputes, as this stick was the physical manifestation of '' balance "that had to be in all things.

Hermes / Mercury, as messenger of the gods, was also the mediator of God's will among men.

For this a cane similar to the caduceus was shown by heralds and by the ambassadors as a symbol of their mediating role and as an emblem of their inviolability, and also had a moral value, since it represented the honest conduct and at the same time the physical health of the person.